Update Professional Practitioner (Video Walk-Through)

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1Member Information
2Ethical/Environmental Requirements
3Video Walk-through
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  • Membership benefits

    • Has voting rights
    • Appears on public directory
    • Appears on practitioner map
    • Ability to run for board
    • Membership certificate
    • May publicly advertise membership (print, media and in-store)
    • Access to restricted learning information on website
    • Access to manufacturer discounts
  • Cost

    • $100 AUD per year, per person
    • Membership certificates/displays are available for purchase from our online store
    • A free downloadable PDF membership certificate
    • Members are given a 30 days to pay dues via website after submission approval. Failure to pay dues will result in forfeiture of membership
  • Failure to meet requirements

    • Upon scheduled membership requirement changes, members are given a 30 day grace period to rectify and submit proof of requirements
    • Failure to verify requirements after this period will result in forfeiture of membership
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