About the AUPP

Executive Summary

The Australasian United Professional Piercers (AUPP) is an Oceanic, non-profit organisation dedicated to the dissemination of vital health and safety information about body piercing and body art to practitioners, health care professionals, legislators, and the general public.

A primary focus of the foundation, as practitioners and clients, is to ensure that our industry is protected against misrepresentation by the government, and giving the industry, as a whole, a voice against incorrect legislation.

Services Offered

  • Practitioners
    • Practitioner education and safety training
    • Practitioner best practice guidelines
  • Health care professionals
    • Health care professional education
  • Legislators
    • Suggested health legislation guidelines
    • Suggested minimum practitioner standards
    • Suggested minimum establishment standards
    • Suggested minimum practitioner training requirements
  • The general public
    • Education on safety and practitioner selection
    • Social media outreach
    • Practitioner locator
    • Industry history and information

Growth Plan

  1. Modernise the Australiasian regulatory requirements for skin penetration by publishing suggested body art legislation guidelines.
  2. Grow a member base of professional practitioners, and help those wanting to improve their standards to become a member.
  3. Replace member levels as of Jan 1st, 2020 with a series of membership tiers to allow for differing levels of establishments and practitioners.
  4. Host a yearly conference for practitioners and health officials to better their knowledge.

Management Team

Daniel Thomas
Position: Office Bearer and Public Liaison
Background: Professional practitioner of 14 years
Industry: Current professional practitioner located in WA
Contact: daniel@safepiercing.org.au

Position: Treasurer and Publicist
Background: Professional practitioner of more than 15 years
Industry: Owner and practitioner at two professional establishments (NSW and WA)
Contact: joeltron@safepiercing.org.au

Kyla Fae
Position: Practitioner Outreach and Event Organizer
Background: Professional practitioner of 8 years
Industry: Current professional practitioner located in NSW
Contact: kyla@safepiercing.org.au

Eden Thomson
Position: Educational Director
Background: Professional practitioner of 13 years
Industry: Current professional practitioner located in New Zealand
Contact: eden@safepiercing.org.au

William Campbell
Position: Membership liaison
Background: Professional practitioner of 6 years
Industry: Current professional practitioner located in Tasmania
Contact: william@safepiercing.org.au

Duncan Vann
Position: Anthropologist
Background: Professional practitioner of 25+ years
Industry: Studio owner in NSW
Contact: duncan@safepiercing.org.au